A wholesale distributor of Helium gas for South Florida.  Heliumdeliveries.com provides helium at low prices, and is dedicated in providing our customers with the best possible customer service.

It is difficult to find helium distributors willing to accept one drop stores at a reasonable price, but because network of partners, we are able to offer competitive prices for all of your locations.

One phone call to us our means quality Helium product will be delivered safely, promptly and efficiently.

Heliumdeliveries.com specializes in companies and individuals who are looking for consistent and reliable service with an affordable price.  If you use helium for your business or events we want to be your helium supplier.  It is increasingly critical to have a helium delivery company that you can count on for a successful helium balloon program.

Higher volume means lower costs. By purchasing for all of your locations from one vendor, you are realizing a volume discount.  Call or contact us for a quote and see how we can help you save.

Here are some of the industries we currently service with helium on a daily basis:

Auto Dealers
Grocery Stores
Nursing Homes / Assisted Living Facilities
Condo Management Companies
Event Planners
Political Rallies
Home Builders

Just as helium is unique among our natural resources, customers who need it require a supplier with unique capabilities. In fact, since early in the 20th century Helium Deliveries.com has developed more in-depth, hands-on experience in helium supply, and related technologies and services than any other company in our industry.

Our Helium Distribution capabilities can service anyone in need of helium tanks in the South Florida area. No order is too small or too large for our services.

Tanks sizes 244 cubic foot and 319 cubic foot

Round Latex Balloons

Balloon Size

Approximate Volume

Approximate Lift

* Approximate Flying Time

7 inches

.104 cu. ft.

.087 ounce

2 hours

8 inches

.155 cu.ft.

.130 ounce

3 hours

9 inches

.221 cu. ft.

.186 ounce

6 hours

10 inches

.303 cu. ft.

.254 ounce

12 hours

11 inches

.403 cu. ft.

.339 ounce

14 hours

12 inches

.523 cu. ft.

.440 ounce

17 hours

13 inches

.666 cu. ft.

.559 ounce

18 hours

14 inches

.831 cu. ft.

.698 ounce

20 hours

15 inches

1.022 cu. ft.

.859 ounce

23 hours

16 inches

1.241 cu. ft.

1.042 ounces

27 hours

18 inches

1.767 cu. ft.

1.484 ounces

32 hours

24 inches

4.188 cu. ft.

3.518 ounces

2 days

30 inches

8.179 cu. ft.

6.871 ounces

2 days

36 inches

14.134 cu. ft.

11.872 ounces

3 days

40 inches

19.388 cu. ft.

1 pound .286 ounces

4 days

4 feet

33.502 cu. ft.

1 pound 12.142 ounces

5 days

5 feet

65.434 cu. ft.

3 pounds 6.964 ounces

5 days

6 feet

113.069 cu. ft.

5 pounds 14.978 ounces

6 days

8 feet

268.016 cu. ft.

16 pounds 12.016 ounces

6 days

12 feet

904.555 cu. ft.

47 pounds 7.826 ounces

9 days

20 feet

4187.753 cu. ft.

219 pounds 13.712 ounces

12 days

* Approximate Flying Times are purely estimates and are not guaranteed and a conservative measure should be used when looking at this chart. These estimates are based on indoor use with an ambient temperature of 70 degrees with standard room lighting. Direct sunlight, humidity, altitude and higher temperature adversely affect flying time and can cut the flying time dramatically. As an example a 17" balloon which shows a flying time of approximately 30 hours used outside on a hot sunny day per real life experiences will only last one day. To determine the amount of balloons our tanks will fill divide the balloon volume with our tank volume.
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